All the staff give 100% of themselves to their jobs. They are passionate and it shows. The nursing staff are very attentive to my needs. My therapists are excellent, and they motivate me every day to reach my potential. I have been working on strength in my legs and my balance. I would absolutely recommend Avalon for therapy to those who need it!

Harry Wellman

I reside in Trenton and have been a patient here at Avalon for the past 8 weeks, receiving physical therapy and occupational therapy due to a fall at home after a hospitalization. I was lucky not to have broken anything due to the fall. Our goal is to get me back on my walker to get around on my own again, so I can be back home with my family. I hope to get there soon. The care here at the Avalon has been good and the therapy is great. I go down to the rehab gym every day and I really enjoy it. Going to the gym is a nice change of scenery for me, since it’s too cold to get outside. The gym is big and bright, it has a lot of windows to look outside. I would recommend anyone to Avalon for therapy. The therapists are all great!

– Kurt Conley

We chose to get my therapy at Avalon because we are very familiar with the staff and feel comfortable with them, knowing what a great place it is and the care they provide. I have a lot of favorite staff members, from the nurses, therapists, and nurse’s aides. My progress has been slow but I am getting stronger every day. My therapist pushes me to do my best and so does the nursing staff. They encourage me to do as much as possible for myself. They have nice areas where I can visit with my family, and everyone knows me by name. My daughters and I would recommend Avalon to anyone who is looking for a place that makes you feel at home.

– Ida Hutaglung

I am so thankful to the staff at Avalon for getting me back on my feet in time to be home for the holidays. I unfortunately had a bad fall at home and fractured my ankle. My niece is a nurse and has her mother-in-law here, so she felt this would be a good place for me. She was right, the rehab here is terrific! The therapists are great, the nurses are so nice and helpful and so are the other staff members. My stay at the facility has been great. It is very clean, the grounds are beautiful and being on one floor makes it easy to access the outside areas. My rehabilitation was slow but once my doctor gave the ok to put weight on my foot, I progressed well. We began strengthening my leg and worked on many balancing and walking exercises. I would recommend Avalon to anyone who needs rehabilitation!

– Evelyn Reade

My journey here at Avalon began after I was discharged from a local hospital, after a traumatic injury. Since the day I was admitted here to Avalon, everyone has been great in all the departments. My rehab has been great, and I am now able to use a walker and I continue to progress every day. I like the fact that the facility has no elevators, and I can get outside on my own. The facility is clean, and everyone is so very helpful. I have a good time with the other residents and the staff, and of course I love to win! I also enjoy doing arts and crafts and sketching. I look forward to going home soon and thank Avalon for all the progress I have made in therapy with their help and guidance. I would recommend Avalon to anyone looking for a facility that has a home-like atmosphere and provides great rehab and care!

– Sammy Ellis

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