Heart Failure Rehab
Case Study

73-year-old male patient was admitted to Avalon Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton with an admitting diagnosis of abdominal pain requiring an open sigmoid colectomy surgery performed by Surgeon Dr. Rajiv Shah. The patient has an extensive cardiac history with an EF of 25-30% requiring the patient to wear a Life Vest, Anemia, HTN, A-fib, and Hyperlipidemia.

He was reviewed by IDT led by PCP Dr. Sadia Qazi, Physiatrist, Dr. Abit Husain,
Thoracic Surgeon Dr. Biagio Manna, In-house Specialty Program Nurse Coordinator
along with the daily clinical care of the nursing team!

Heart Failure Nursing Interventions:

Medication management – beta-blocker, blood thinner, statin, gut antispasmodic, urinary retention, protein pump inhibitor, insulin, vitamins, and supplements.
Life Vest management and education to the patient and family.
Surgical wound management – daily wound care and assessment.
Diagnostic and laboratory studies – Frequent labs, EKG, and X-ray capabilities.
Dietary Consults – including weight management and education.
Pain Management – Medication management, therapy modalities, and safety awareness.

Therapy Interventions:

Upon admission, he required moderate assistance in self-care tasks, mobility, and transfers. He worked hard with the therapy and nursing teams to return home. He was successfully discharged at a supervision level for self-care tasks, mobility, and transfers. He was able to ambulate over 75 feet with a two-wheeled walker.

After a successful subacute Rehab, he returned home with the support of his wife, daughter, and Mercer Home Care Services. Before discharge, all follow-up appointments were made including his Community Primary Care Physician and Heart Rhythm Consultants @ Hamilton Cardiology Associates.

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